Minimalist strong composition and clear lines are typical for Ivana Vostrakova's work. They apply mainly in the minimalist graphical shortcuts. They are, in some cases, moreover enriched by including new elements and then appeared in the new surprising contexts. Another important group of the artist's work consists of original photographic montages. Blending of perspectives, taking things and characters out of their usual context and combination of seemingly incompatible elements to create a completely new unexpected reality.

The main part of Ivana Vostrakova’s work are without doubt Chimeras, in which she by using play of light and shadows materializes mysterious dream visions, faces and figures. Destructed structure is waking up to the phantoms, which we perceive as a simulated reality. Creates the illusion of mythical creatures that live in their own stories somewhere on the border of reality and dream. The seemingly illusive ghosts are in fact very real. We see their expressions, feelings, joy and pain.

The photographs of Ivana Vostrakova have been published in many medias all around the world (for.ex. Professional Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly, Harper's Bazaar, Top Class, B&W Magazine, FotoVideo, DIGIfoto, PhotoArt and many others) and also got prizes in a lot of photographic contests (Professional Photographer of the Year 2012 - 1st place -The Portfolio Award, Photographer of the year 2010 - 1st place, Photographer of the Year 2013 - place and many others). Her works are included in art collections all over the world.

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